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Volume 1 -- Issue 19 -- Uprising Part 3


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June 20, 2011, 3:32 pm
bumlingerCannot wait to read part four. But I've already put off making dinner for the last hour reading this and my belly is rumbling. Great story mate. As with the last issue, loving having the Prof in the mix, showing just what being a telepath really is all about. Psychic shielding my ass! You are contrasting the opposing styles of the brotherhood and x-men really well. For example, pyro scorching the guards and mystique shooting them dead (Lethal), while Prof X sends them to sleep and storm pushes them back with wind (Non Lethal) Magneto sure has all the angles covered so far, I'm skeptical about how he was so confident in his plan to override the sentinals. Roll on part 4.

January 29, 2011, 1:27 pm
rekkanoryo *Wow, so much tension! Hodge's elaborate method was very... well, elaborate! Especially when his hatred for mutants claimed to be false. But to sacrifice people to meet his personal goals? I doubt the X-Men would stand for that. I LOL'd over Storm punching him out. He deserved it for all the crap he's put the mutants through. I was waiting for the Erik/Lorna relationship to come out and surprise, surprise, she doesn't agree with her father's methods of madness... and now with his older children seeing how indifferent he is to one of them suffering, being more focused on his conquest... well, better to learn the hard way, I guess :\